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Our apartments are in the fortunate position of being located in the world's first Slow Food Travel Destination. This takes you on a journey into the valleys, to their people and tastes. A journey to the traditional food producers and their knowledge and old crafts that have been passed down over time. Baking bread, producing cheese, brewing beer, witnessing how Gailtaler Speck bacon is made, seeing what beekeeping is all about.


You, too, can be part of this journey. 

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The Daberer sisters, Ingeborg and Gudrun, demonstrate their craft and the fine art of "Krendeln" – the act of artfully closing typical Carinthian dumplings – to Slow Food Travel guests as part of a cooking workshop, which is followed by an extensive tasting of the final results.


Castellovino (wine bacon), root bacon and hay bacon


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Wer bei diesem Slow Food Travel Erlebnis dem Speckmeister zur Hand gehen möchte, den nimmt Hans mit auf seine Hofreise und zeigt von guter Tierhaltung und richtiger Schlachtung bis zu allen Etappen der Speckherstellung.

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at Lake Weissensee


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Learn interesting facts about wild fish, such as the Reinanke, from Lake Weissensee with head chef Hannes Müller from the gourmet hotel "Die Forelle" during his Slow Fish workshop. The head chef then demonstrates the most varied ways of preparing (wild) fish. Amateur chefs can try out and enjoy some finger food sampling of all the cooking methods in the kitchen.

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